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Acads >

Me right now </3 I need more dose of Jdramas to brighten up my days ;_____;

Oh gawd it's almost a year since I've posted something here and until now, I don't know how and what to do here ;A;

Since our internet connection was taken down after last summer (basically the last time i posted here), I've never been to lj except to the communities I've joined. I tried to post something interesting bit it turns out I can't post anything here with our dorm internet. There are just these rare times when I can use wireless internet connection but it's too slow that I can barely load the communities' pages ;A;

Anyway, I hope I'll be more active here in my page, not just on the communities I've joined. Well, good luck to me on that.
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Deng Fu Ru
It's been 5 years since I liked a Chinese song. I was never really into C-POP or T-POP but I fell in love to this song at first sight. Next to Rainie Yang's Ai Mei, this is my second favorite T-POP song.

The title of the song is Deng Fu Ru [ 鄧福如 ] by Ru Guo You Ru Guo. I love it's melody and the music video :"">


Here's it's lyrics coz sadly I can't find an English translation of this :

Zhe shi jie ru guo you ru guo
Ru guo yi qie zhong tou
Ru guo ni zai shuo ni ai wo
Xi guan le shou xi de wen rou
Turn around turn around turn around
Zen me hai shi yi ge wo

Yu di di da da de zhui luo
Hai you shen me shuo bu chu kou
Lei bu ting bu ting de hua luo
Xi guan mei you ni de jiao luo

I want to sing a song for you
Sing for my soul
Mei you ni de tian kong mei you yun duo
You are my everything and I really love you

Zai lei gan le yi hou
Xiang ting ni shuo ai wo

Xiang tai duo ru guo you ru guo
Ru guo yong yuan ai wo
Ru guo zui hou neng dao zui hou
Yi ge ren gai xi guan shen me
Turn around turn around turn around
Xi guan wan an zi ji shuo

(Repeat *)

(Repeat Chorus)

Zai lei gan le yi hou que huan ji de

Huan ji de qing ping de suan tian
Suan dao xin di mei you gan jue
Meng tai mei hui yi tai xin sui
Zai duo gei wo yi dian dian de yong qi

(Repeat Chorus)

Zai lei gan le yi hou xiang ting ni shuo love you

Zhe shi jie
Ru guo you ru guo
Ru guo yi qie zhong tou
Ru guo ni hai zai
Qing shuo ni ai wo

Yes. A T  L A S T. After months of waiting, I finally downloaded the whole Beautiful World concert. Thanks to yuizaki_libra and her MF links + subs, I was able to experience a beautiful world in hours. It was indeed worth the wait.

One word to describe the concert:

Truth be told, I didn't like Face Down when I first heard it (I prefer Your Eyes XD) But because of the lyrics and the awesomeness that is Sakurai Sho, I started to love this song.


The latter is the most epic line I've heard from a Sakurap. I feel like there's a supernova next to my ovaries every time I hear this XD It's not that I'm complaining about it. I even like it! Let's not question the wisdom of a Keio Boy, ne? :D


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